Al Green: Trump Must ‘Resign’ or ‘Face Impeachment’ for ‘Harming Society’

Al Green AP

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said on Thursday that President Donald Trump must resign or face impeachment not because he committed any crimes but because Trump is “harming society.”

“This is a very sad time in the history of our country. This is not something that I enjoy talking about, nor is it something that I would like to do,” Green said on Democracy Now. “But I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that the president will have two options: One, he can resign from office, or, two, he can face impeachment.”

Green, who introduced articles of impeachment against Trump last year, insisted that Trump “does not have to commit a crime to be impeached.”

“In fact, the president is not likely to be indicted, which means he’s not likely to be found guilty of a crime while he’s sitting, which means that if this comes before the House, it won’t come before the House as a president who has been found guilty, but rather as a president who is alleged to have committed certain offenses that are onerous to the Constitution and that harm society,” Green said. “And what this president is doing is harming society.”

Green claimed that Trump and former attorney Michael Cohen “conspired to commit an offense” regarding campaign finance violations. The Texas Congressman said that even though Trump “may never be found guilty of it,” the president “can be impeached for it.”

“If the Judiciary Committee doesn’t move forward, then I think it’s incumbent upon the 435 members, each of whom have the opportunity to bring articles of impeachment, to consider doing so,” Green said. “I will surely consider doing so.”


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