Angel Dad: If Lawmakers Really Cared About Citizens, They Would Secure the Border

Angel Dad Dan Golvach
The Texas Tribune/YouTube

Dan Golvach’s son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant and Dan is adamant that lawmakers must purse border security, rather than gun control, if citizens are to be protected.

Golvach discussed his son’s death and some lawmakers’ misdirected gun control push on NRATV.

He said, “All the laws in the world didn’t save my son. He was shot right over the right ear. He never even saw it coming, he never even knew what happened. The point is, the killer wasn’t even here legally; he could have never bought a gun legally; he stole the gun. So all the gun laws in the world wouldn’t have saved him.”

Golvach then addressed the way pro-gun control officials use myriad scapegoats to justify their relentless push for Second Amendment restrictions. He said, “But if you really want to look at who’s done the most gun violence in the past 100 years, well that’s easy—socialist regimes and governments have committed the most gun violence on unarmed populations.”

Golvach juxtaposed the lack of security provided by government with the individual’s ability to secure himself with a firearm, saying, “It’s pretty obvious to me that my government is not that invested in protecting our citizens. If they were, we would have had a secured border a long time ago. Therefore, I think it’s a natural, inalienable right for American citizens—for all people, really—to be able to protect themselves and to have that right, to own and bear arms.”

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