***Live Updates*** Trump Campaigns for Marsha Blackburn in TN

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President Donald Trump will campaign for Republican Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Monday evening to boost her chances in what is turning out to be one of the must-win races for Republicans in the fall.

Trump will hold rallies in Mississippi, Minnesota, and Kansas later in the week.


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An important issue for Tennessee voters that Trump highlighted on the stump at Blackburn’s rally:

8:11 PM: Trump now speaking about Old Hickory. Trump says some people have said his election was was more impressive than Jackson’s. Says he loves Jackson and talks about having visited The Hermitage.

8:07 PM: Trump says “strong, tough cookies” have come up to him and said “we were losing out country” and thanked him for “saving our country.” “It is not up to the media to decide our fate,” Trump says.

8:06 PM: Trump says the media can’t believe all that he’s done in less than three years and –“they don’t want to report it…. so we report it ourselves.”

8:05 PM: Trump now talking about “earned media”–“And I’ve earned it!”

8:03 PM: Trump also says “Made in the USA” is coming back as he talks about how a vote for Republicans is a vote to reject Dems’ agenda of “anger” and “hatred.”

8:02 PM: TRUMP: “Fighting the media is tougher than fighting the Democrats. But they’re equal partners.”

8:00 PM: Trump speaking about faith–“we need more faith in this country.” He also spoke about ladders of opportunity.

7:56 PM: Trump speaks about the “sadists” at the VA who sometimes rob and steal. He says with the VA Accountability Act, his administration can now “go after them.”

7:51 PM” “No more. Can’t do it,” Trump says about losing billions of dollars to China in bad trade deals. Instead of building other nations, Trump says he is building America with aluminum, steel.

7:42 PM: Trump says Republicans have “amazing things” planned while Democrats want to flood streets with criminals and cut the military. He also says this election is about protecting Medicare and pre-existing conditions. He says a lot of people think it’s not a very “Republican thing” but “it is now.” He says Democrats want to give welfare and free healthcare to illegal aliens while Republicans want to protect public benefits for “truly needy Americans.” Trump says Republicans believe America should be a “sanctuary” for “law-abiding Americans” and not criminal illegal aliens. He calls Democrats “the party of crime” and says this November is about “safety” and “prosperity.” Trump lists off his economic achievements since election day.

CNN triggered:

7:37 PM: Trump: “A vote for Marsha is a vote for me… and everything we stand for.” He says a vote for Bredesen is a vote for “Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the real leader of the Democrats–Maxine Waters.” He says Bredesen opposes the border wall, raises taxes, and supports driver’s certificates for illegal aliens. “You want him to be running? I don’t think so,” Trump says. He blasts Bredesen for writing a book supporting “government-run health care” and proposing to fund it by raising payroll taxes. He says Bredesen was a major financial backer of Obama and “crooked” Hillary Clinton–“crooked as hell.” He says Chuck Schumer will become Majority Leader if Bredesen gets elected.

7:35 PM: Blackburn says the blue wave will run into the great “red wall” when it hits Tennessee. She talks about Trump’s “amazing 20 months” of accomplishments and asks Tennesseans to stand with her and take Tennessee values to Washington, D.C.

7:33 PM: Blackburn says Tennessee loves Trump and thanks the Volunteer State for sending Trump to the White House. Trump carried the state by nearly 30 points.

7:32 PM: Trump introduces Blackburn and calls her a “true fighter” who will be the state’s next Senator.

7:25 PM: Trump says Democrats want left-wing judges who will rewrite laws and erase borders. Republicans, he says, want judges who believe in “equal justice for all.” He again says Democrats have moved so far left that Pocahontas is considered a conservative. Trump begs Warren to run–“please run.” Trump says “one-percent Biden” was nothing before Obama took him off the “trash heap.”

7:23 PM: Trump calls Kavanaugh a “great man” and a “great student.” Trump mocks Blumenthal as a great Vietnman war hero who never went to Vietnam. Mocks him as “Da Nang Blumenthal.” He also says Cory Booker destroyed Newark and asks the crowd to take a look at some of things Booker wrote about women (referring to his admission that he groped a girl in high school). Trump should ask if Raheem is able to read yet….

7:22 PM: Trump says Democrats think they are “entitled to power” and have been in a “blind rage” since 2016. They’ve “gone loco,” Trump says, adding that Democrats are “trying to burn our future down.”

7:20 PM: Trump slams Gavin Newsom as someone who doesn’t want borders, doesn’t want ICE, and wants “sanctuary cities.” “Look at what’s going on in California,” he says. “You’re going to have a billion people living in California. It’s going to be a mess.” He then says “this country will never be Venezuela.” Trump says Democrats have been taken over by the “so-called Resistance” and are only good at one thing–“sticking together. We have to be very careful. They’ll take everything, including your Second Amendment. They will take everything away.”

7:16 PM: Trump says Bredesen will not protect the Second Amendment and is proud of replacing the “job-killing” NAFTA with today’s new deal. He says America is winning again and being respected again because “we are finally putting America first.” Trump says “radical Democrats” are trying to undo everything. Trump says 2016 “was the greatest election victory in the history of our country” and “obstructionist” Democrats who “don’t want voters” and don’t want to see a “strong military” want to take it away. He says Democrats are “enablers” of the “fake news media.” He says a “Democrat takeover of Congress” will “plunge” America into “chaos and gridlock” and take away all of the wealth the country has gained in the last two years. Trump warns crime will be on the rise if Democrats take over.

7:14 PM: Trump says he’s looking forward to coming back to Tennessee and speaks about the American comeback. Talking about the stock market being at an all-time high and the “booming economy” that has more Americans working than ever before.

7: 12 PM: Trump holds up an orange “Tennessee for Trump” shirt. Finally, volunteer fans have something to cheer for this season and before their spirits get crushed again on the Third Saturday in October.

7 PM: As expected, another huge crowd awaits Trump in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, Manu Ginobiliiiiiiiiiiii not at rally to take care of the bat:



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