***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Mississippi Rally

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday evening as he barnstorms across the country this week trying to help Republicans keep the House and the Senate.

Trump held a rally in Tennessee on Monday and is expected to hold rallies in Minnesota and Kansas later in the week. He’ll be in Iowa next week.

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Trump concludes another rally that seems to have triggered the usual suspects:

9:07: After talking about the space force and military accomplishments, Trump says he is standing up for American values and the national anthem after the country had presidents who just apologized for America. Crowd chants “USA!” and Trump says the crowd has “a lot of spirit.” He says his administration is lifting millions from welfare to work and from poverty to prosperity. Trump says it’s up to voters to save America from “decay” in November, says: We are going to win, win, win.”

Trump says: “Who the hell is going to beat us?”

8:59: Trump going off on trade–says fair trade is his thing and says it was the thing of past presidents. He says imagine how rich America would be had there been better trade deals.

8:54: Trump says he thinks European Union’s Jean-Claude Juncker “doesn’t like our country too much… I told him that.” Crowd cracks up. Trump says he told Jean-Claude that “you don’t have to negotiate anymore” because “we’re putting a 25% tariff… on millions of cars that you send to the United States.” Trump says Jean-Claude, who had refused to negotiate, then rushed to his office in 24 hours from Europe…”and now they’re dying to make a deal.” Trump at his best.

8:49: Trump frames the election as being about “safety” and prosperity.

8:46 PM: Trump says Democrats support “sanctuary cities of death” that release “blood-thirsty killers” like MS-13. He says most of Democrats voted for the wall in 2006 and says “we have the dumbest immigration laws in the whole world” after talking about catch and release. Trump says “watch what happens in the next couple of weeks.”

8:45 PM: Trump now says we’ll take it from China, the European Union, Japan, etc… with fairer trade deals…and will take care of pre-existing conditions.

8:43 PM: Trump says “pre-existing conditions will always be taken care of by us. We have do it.”

8:42 PM: Trump on Democrats: “What a group. Holier than thou.”

8:35 PM: Trump slams Espy for supporting tax-payer funded benefits for illegal aliens with Pelosi while he was in the House. Trump says Democrats will “outlaw” private health insurance and “replace freedom with socialism” while allowing more criminals on the street. Trump says he “will be doing a lot of vetoes” if Democrats take back Congress. “Our country will never be Venezuela. We will never let that happen.”

Trump worries that Democrats will run the committees in the Senate if they get 51 votes. He mocks Sanders for not complaining about how “Crooked Hillary cheated him out of the election.” Trump mocks Sanders’ hair (“the hair’s going crazy”) and says he jumps around as a “lunatic.” He then says Sanders is out there “doing his thing” and you got to respect him.

On Patrick Leahy, Trump says, “he’s never had a drink in his life.” Asks audience to search Leahy and “drink.” Leahy will be in charge of appropriations. He starts on Bob Menendez (foreign affairs) and says he will leave him alone. Says Feinstein will be in charge of Judiciary.

8:30 PM: Trump tells the MAGA crowd “you gotta be a warrior” or go home in the corner and stick your thumb in your mouth and cry for mommy.

8:27 PM: Trump now calls up Governor Phil Bryant up to stage. “Is he central casting or what? Look at this guy,” Trump says.

8:24 PM: Trump says his being president is “driving them crazy” after pointing to the fake news media. “I’m doing it for you and we’re doing it together,” Trump says after saying he is having fun because he is accomplishing so much. Trump also mocking the Washington Post and Dave Weigel for reporting fake news about his “empty arena” crowd size four hours before an event when there were thousands waiting in line outside. Trump says: “Did they fire that reporter? No!” He then adds: “Look what happened to Roseanne. Did they fire Roseanne? Yes!”

8:22 PM: Trump says “we need more Republican votes” and says again the GOP barely has a majority. “I’m not on the ticket but I am not the ticket because this is also a referendum on me and the disgusting gridlock they will put this country through,” Trump says.

Crowd books when he talks about how Maxine Waters wants to get rid of him and predicts a “landslide like you wouldn’t believe” in two years.

8:11 PM: Trump: “Guilty until proven innocent–that’s very dangerous for our country.” Trump ridiculous the “gang rape” allegations and mocks the left for focusing on Kavanaugh’s drinking. “A man’s life is in tatters… is shattered…his wife is shattered…they want to destroy people,” Trump says. “These are really evil people.”

Trump says he knows every one of them and he could tell you things about every one of them. Trump starts off again by mocking “Da Nang Blumenthal” for lying about his Vietnam service for 15 years. “I thought he was a great war hero,” Trump says. “Then it turns out, he was never in Vietnam.” He mocks Blumenthal for demanding the truth after lying about his Vietnam service and crying about it “like a baby” when they caught him on his Vietnam lies. “When Jimmy Swaggart tried, it was nothing compared to Da Nang Richard,” Trump says. Trump enjoying ridiculing Blumenthal the “fraud” and says the “fake news” never wants to bring up Blumenthal’s likes. Now he is on to Booker. He says Booker destroyed Newark and asks the audience to check out what he wrote about women. Trump says he can go on and on about every one of them. He’s on to Feinstein now. He refers so Avenatti as a “sleaze bag” and says NBC couldn’t even shield Swetnick– Trump says she had “no clue what was going on.”

Trump says “it’s a damn sad situation” after asking what happens when a man tells his mom he is being fired because a woman he never met has come out of the woodwork and accused him (“what do I do mom?”) of sexual assault.

8:07 PM: Trump: Democrats want to erase borders “in the service of globalism.” Trump says “we’re speaking up like nobody has ever spoken up before” against the globalists and the permanent political class. Trump says Democrats only know how to “obstruct, resist, demolish, destroy, and delay.”

Trump says Democrats have tried to destroy Judge Kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced because they know Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution as it was written.

Crowd chants “We want Kavanaugh! We want Kavanaugh! We want Kavanaugh!”

8:04 PM: Trump asks the crowd to vote, adds that he is on the ballot in a way even though he isn’t. “The only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired of winning,” Trump says. Trump talks about people who now have “money piled up in the bank” and how this will all disappear if Democrats take back Congress. Trump says “people are geniuses now” because their 401K accounts have gone up 55% since Trump’s election.

8:02 PM: Trump says the country made history this week when he replaced the job-killing NAFTA with USMCA, which Trump says will become part of your vocabulary.

“Companies aren’t going to be leaving the U.S. anymore,” Trump says, adding the won’t be able to fire everyone, build the product in other countries, and send it back without it being taxed. “That’s not a good thing to do.”

Trump says “there is a group called the globalists” who think this is just fine. “We don’t like the thinking of globalists,” Trump says. He says America is winning again and being respected again like never before “because we are finally putting America first.”

8:01 PM: Trump starts off by saying “2020 is looking really easy” and the “fake news media is starting to get it.” Trump always fresh, never stale. Every rally different and not robotic.

7:58 PM: Trump on stage getting ready to speak to huge Mississippi audience. Crowd raucously chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

7:35: Trump should be speaking soon–ten-minute warning given.

7:05 PM: Trump expected to appear shortly.

7 PM:


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