***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Iowa Rally

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JUNE 21: President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on June 21, 2017 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Trump spoke about renegotiating NAFTA and building a border wall that would produce solar power during the rally. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Scott Olson/Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a day after hosting a White House swearing-in ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and hours after the accepting the resignation of Nikki Haley, his Ambassador to the United Nations.

Trump will hold rallies in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky this week as he barnstorms across the country to help Republicans in key races.

In Iowa, Trump will reportedly announce that his administration will allow year-round use of E15—gasoline that has 15% ethanol.

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8:52 PM: Trump says a vote for Republicans is a vote for more products made in the USA, respecting borders, respecting out Constitution, and respecting the heroes of law enforcement. He says voters can defend their rights, family, dignity by voting for GOP.

“It’s time to decide whether we turn backward or continue on to a future of American greatness,” Trump says.

He says voting for Republicans is a vote to reject the Democrats’ politics of anger, division, destruction and is also a vote for “weakness.”

8:50 PM: Trump says NFL players will make more money but they will still hate him after talking about how he helped the “great American company” solve its commercial dispute with Canada.

8:45 PM: “Now you have a president who is standing up for America,” Trump says. “We are standing up for your values. We are standing up for Iowa and Nebraska. And we are proudly standing up for our great national anthem.”

Trump again mentions his Space Force!

“I thought I was coming to Iowa, but there are more people from Nebraska,” Trump says after discussing bad trade deals with South Korea and the THAAD missile defense system.

He says we are finally rebuilding America after years of rebuilding other countries in what is becoming a standard line on the stump.

He’s then talks about virtually getting rid of the estate tax. He says if you don’t love your kids, then it doesn’t matter because you can sell the farm and enjoy yourself without giving your kids anything. Trump then talks about Right to Try legislation.

8:32 PM: Trump says the European Union sounds “so nice” but the EU is “brutal.” He says the EU formed to take advantage of the U.S. on trade. “The numbers are horrific,” Trump says. He now talks about demanding European nations to pay more for NATO.

8:31 PM: Crowd now chanting “lock her up” as Trump mocks Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton for their speaking tour. Trump says Hillary “never got it on trade.” Trump talks about America paying for Japan’s defense and the need to open up Japan for trade.

8:30 PM: Trump says he looks forward to the 2020 debates re: job numbers for African-Americans, Hispanics. Again says the only reason people would vote for Democrats is they are tired of winning.

8:26 PM: Trump says he doesn’t want to use the military but “this is a sick world” and “we have to be on guard” for “treacherous” people who are running some countries. “We are so prepared,” Trump says.

He then says the 2018 midterms are about “security” and “prosperity.”

8:23 PM: Trump says people who want borders must “organize” ahead of the midterms.

8:20 PM: Trump says Democrats are for “radical socialism” and “open borders.” He says the Democrats’ new platform is “abolish ICE.” Says we need ICE to take care of MS-13. “You don’t want to do it,” he says, explaining why the country needs ICE. “To them, it’s a day in the office.”

Trump says Democrats want to turn America into “a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens and MS-13 killers.”

“They’ve taken over towns in Long Island,” Trump says. “It could happen to you.”

He talks about ICE “liberating” towns and says “we have to cherish our law enforcement. We have to protect our law enforcement.”

Trump says Democrats’ policies on immigration are not just wrong but “lethal.”

8:12 PM: After praising Reynolds’ energy, Trump introduces Rep. David Young (R-IA) and says he voted against the visa lottery system (“not sending their best”)–tells Iowans that a vote for David is a vote for Trump and the MAGA agenda. Trump calls Young’s opponent Axne “Cindy Tax Me.” “She was born with the right name,” Trump says. “She wants a socialist takeover of health care.”

“If you want to stop Nancy Pelosi from… becoming Speaker of the House, you need to vote for David Young, who is a terrific guy,” Trump says. “And you also need to vote for a great friend of mine… Congressman Rod Blum.” He says Blum is fighting to cut taxes.

Trump then says Blum is running against Abby Finkenauer (“who the hell is that?”) and says she is for amnesty.

8:05 PM: Trump now talking about legendary Nebraska coach Tom Osborne. He says for years all he knew how to do was “win, win, win.” “No talk, all action,” Trump says of Osborne after saying he doesn’t know him. Trump then kids, “better get going, Nebraska.” Trump then introduces Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE), who Trump says has always been there. Trump then says Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is a “star.” “Wow, does she have my endorsement,” Trump says.

8:02 PM: Trump: “Democrats are the party of crime. Republicans are the party of safety,” Trump says. “We are also the party of jobs, jobs, jobs.”

7:58 PM: Trump now going back to E15 and talks about how he kept a “major promise” to Iowans, Nebraskans…

Crowd FIRED UP. Huge “Go Big Red” chants even though Scott Frost has not worked his Oregon/UCF magic yet with the Huskers and future star QB Adrian Martinez. (Louder cheers for Nebraska after Trump says “Iowa” and “Nebraska.”)

Is there a Wendy’s near the arena?

7:55 PM: After Trump says he wants a merit-based immigration system to help farmers, crowd chants, “Build the wall!”

Trump says he’d build the wall quickly if more Republicans are elected. Complains about having to ask Pelosi and Waters for money to build the wall.

7:53 PM: Trump again says “you don’t hand matches to an arsonist” and “you don’t give power to an angry mob.”

“If you want to drain the swamp, you must defeat the Democrats,” Trump says. “Or you’re going to have one helluva swamp.”

Sounding like Stillers WR Antonio Brown, Trump says that under Republicans, America is “booming” because Republicans are putting America first.

7:50 PM: “The Democrats have become too extreme and frankly too dangerous to govern… they’ve gone wacko,” Trump says, adding again that Elizabeth Warren now seems rational because the Democrats have gone so far left.

Trump says he hopes Warren runs because the country can finally find out if she has Indian blood. Trump says Warren has gotten “a lot of advantages” by falsely claiming to be Native American. He slams Cory Booker and “Da Nang Dick,” who tried to convince people that he was a great war hero for 15 years.

After Trump mocks Feinstein, crowd chants, “Lock her up!”

“I think they’re talking about Feinstein,” Trump says. “Can you believe it?”

7:49 PM: Trump to Democrats who want to impeach Kavanaugh: “Impeach him for what?”

He then jokes that he has to go (get impeached) first even though he has done nothing wrong except create jobs.

7:47 PM: Trump says “the Dims,” in “their lust for power,” have “become totally unhinged.” Says “the Dims” have gone crazy. “The Democrats are talking about doing really bad things now to Justice Kavanaugh… and packing the courts with radical judges to overrule the will of the American people. It’s not going to happen.”

7:46 PM: “We’re going with E15 year-round,” Trump says. “Promises made, promises kept.”

7:45 PM: Trump says voters can render their verdict on the “Democrats’ outrageous conduct” in four weeks. He encourages the crowd to early vote.

7:43 PM: Trump wants to thank an “Iowa legend” whose “backbone” and resilience made Kavanaugh’s confirmation possible. He thanks Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)–“a tough cookie” and a “great person.” He thanks Republican Senators for standing up the left’s politics of “personal and political destruction.” Trump says “their whole campaign is to resist. Ours is to create.”

“What Democrats did to Brett and his whole family is a national embarrassment and disgrace.” Trump blasts the phony paid protesters and says they are now protesting because they haven’t been paid yet and want to get paid.

7:40 PM: Trump takes the stage in Iowa. Crowd chants “USA! USA!”

Trump talks about the “historic week in America.”

“And you know what I’m talking about,” Trump says before discussing swearing Kavanaugh.

He says Kavanaugh took his seat next to Gorsuch to defend the constitution and God-given freedom.

7 PM: Trump told reporters Obama was “impotent about the South China Sea.” The Bush administration also deserves plenty of blame regarding China.


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