Kid Rock Joins Donald Trump at the White House for Music Bill Signing


Music icon Kid Rock appeared at the White House on Thursday, for the president’s signing of a major music regulation bill.

The famous Detroit rocker joined other musical artists for the bill signing ceremony and thanked Trump for leading the country.

“There’s a whole lot of people in this country that do give you a lot of credit for everything you’ve been doing for this country,” Kid Rock said.

He said that he was pleased that songwriters, producers, and engineers were getting more of a cut in the profits from music, calling them the “unsung heroes” of the industry.

“This is a great start,” he said.

Kid Rock was first spotted in the White House driveway as he arrived for the ceremony.

When one reporter asked him if Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be fired, Kid Rock replied, “He should fire you.”

The president signed the Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act prior to his lunch with hip-hop superstar Kanye West.

Kid Rock last visited Trump at the White House in April 2017 with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.


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