Kyrsten Sinema Admits She Would Have Voted ‘No’ on Pro-Gun Brett Kavanaugh

A video from early 2018 shows Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema dramatically cringing about Arizona in a speech in which she talks about running for state elected office.
Screenshot/Peter Bennett

During last week’s Senate debate in Arizona, Democrat candidate Kyrsten Sinema admitted she would have voted against confirming pro-gun Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

When moderators at the Arizona PBS debate initially asked Sinema if she would have confirmed Kavanaugh she accused him of lying under oath during the confirmation hearing, and talked of how “Fourth Amendment privacy rights” would be a guiding principle for her in selecting justices.

The moderator then said, “We still haven’t gotten a single answer from you as yet [on Kavanaugh].”

Sinema responded, “Ultimately I would have voted ‘No’ on Justice Kavanaugh.”

Two quick observations: First, her admission of a “No” vote on Kavanaugh fits perfectly with her co-sponsorship of gun control legislation last year. Breitbart News reported that Sinema was one of 194 House Democrats to co-sponsor an attempt to expand background checks to cover private sales. The bill was basically an unsuccessful attempt to resurrect Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) failed post-Sandy Hook gun control.

Secondly, Sinema’s hesitance to answer the moderator’s question about Kavanaugh dovetails perfectly with her pattern of avoiding to reveal where she stands on requiring licenses for all gun owners, banning “assault weapons,” and reviving the push to ban private gun sales.

On October 18, Breitbart News reported that Sinema’s D.C. office staff, and her Arizona staff, refused to answer our questions on Sinema’s gun control support. Rather, they directed us to email her communications director, Nick Zeller, who did not respond to numerous emails.

Our questions were simple: Does Sinema still support licensing all gun owners? On the Issues reports that she expressed support for “gun licenses” in 2006. Does she support an “assault weapons” ban? Does she still support outlawing private gun sales via expanded background checks?

We received no answers, but at least we now know she would have stood with gun control Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dianne Feintstein (D-CA) in opposing Brett Kavanaugh.

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