Cesar Sayoc’s Van: Mail Bomb Suspect Reportedly Lived in Gaudy Vehicle

Cesar Altieri Sayoc's Van
Photo Courtesy WPLG

Upon detaining Cesar Altieri Sayoc on Friday, FBI agents also took possession of his white van covered in pro-Trump stickers.

One Twitter user quickly shared photos that were taken of the van as it traveled down the highway in April.

The van, as you can see in the photos above, contained a variety of disturbing, confusing, and unorganized graphics.

One particular graphic on the van’s window features a soccer team with the words “Top Youth Soccer Recruits For Trump.”

Lettering on the left rear window reads “SOCCER RECRUITS OU WILL NEVER SEE A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE THAN HEAVEN BLUE NORTH CARO INA MOUNTAIN’S NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA COLL GE S UNSTOPPABLE DYNASTY.” Included with those words is a list of college names in the Carolina’s, with NCAA rankings.

An individual with the name Cesar Sayoc appears to have played for the UNC-Charlotte men’s soccer team in 1983.

A photo of Sayoc and four other individuals is plastered on the side of the van with an emblem that reads “AMERICAN TOP TEAM, South Florida | North Carolina”

A handful of graphics spread across the van showed prominent left-wing politicians and activists such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Moore in the crosshairs of a firearm.

Graphics of anti-Obama memes and conservative musicians also filled the windows of the mysterious van.

One of the images featured on Sayoc’s van:

It was reported on Friday that Sayoc was making bombs while living inside of the van, that was confiscated by the FBI.

Sayoc has a wild history with Florida police that began in 1991 when he was arrested for grand theft in Broward County.

He was arrested less than a year later for petty larceny.

Sayoc’s arrest history over the course of the last two decades includes theft, battery, fraud, possession of controlled substances, and tampering with evidence.

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