Watch–Senator Grassley Endorses Steve King: ‘Iowans Need Him’

Chuck Grassley, Steve-King
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In a video released Monday evening, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) endorsed Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and praised him for his many accomplishments and leadership in the state of Iowa.

Senator Grassley on why he supports Steve King

Thank you so much for your support, Senator Chuck Grassley! Proud to call you my friend and senator 👍👍

Posted by Steve King on Monday, November 5, 2018

“Iowa needs Steve King in Congress,” said Grassley at the beginning of the video. “I also need Steve King in Congress.”

“So often I have found Steve King to be such an ally, an ally that I need in the other body called the House of Representatives,” Grassley stated.

Grassley then offered a few of King’s important and notable achievements as he has served the people of Iowa.

“He’s worked with so many things that are important to Iowa. Agricultural issues, the farm bill, alternative energy … wind energy particularly and ethanol and biodiesel, as well,” said Grassley.

“Without his help in the House of Representatives, Iowa would not be the number one ethanol state in the nation,” Grassley claimed. “Steve King’s district is stronger in ethanol than any other congressional district in the entire country.”

Grassley also reminded viewers of King’s pro-life views and views on a strong military.

“He was for the tax cut,” Grassley said of King. “He promoted a small business tax cut.”

“Iowans need him because his first concern is representing Iowans,” argued Grassley.

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