Colorado to Allow Gender Option ‘X’ on Driver’s Licenses

Colorado residents will soon be permitted to select "X" as their gender if they do not wis
Division of Motor Vehicles

Colorado residents will soon be permitted to select “X” as their gender if they do not wish to identify as male or female on their driver’s licenses.

The state agency overseeing the Division of Motor Vehicles implemented the policy, which will begin to take effect on November 30 and will allow residents to choose the letter “X” to signify their gender instead of male or female, the Denver Post reported.

The agency said the change was made to align with the outcome of two court cases in the state where judges ruled in favor of Colorado residents attempting to change their assigned gender.

Residents who wish to take advantage of this policy have to obtain a form with a signature from a doctor or a mental health provider.

Colorado Department of Revenue executive director Michael Hartman said the rule change was “important” to reflect the state’s values.

“This is an important step for the state of Colorado that the state documents reflect our values,” Hartman told the Post. “People are people no matter their sex identification.”

But Hartman also admitted the agency made the rule change for practical reasons as well.

Hartman said the Division of Motor Vehicles made the change to avoid costly lawsuits under the rationale that it would save taxpayers money.

When the law takes effect, Colorado will join Oregon, the District of Columbia, California, Maine, and Minnesota in allowing driver’s licenses without a specified gender.

Colorado is also in the process of determining if it will include a third gender option for other legal documents, such as birth certificates.


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