Delingpole: Another UN Climate Summit Ends in Failure

Former US Vice President Al Gore attends a session of the World Economic Forum (WEF) annua

The UN’s latest climate summit in Katowice, Poland has ended in failure as usual. Also as usual the 60,000 plus delegates are putting a brave face on it, claiming that a last minute deal has been reached after tough negotiations and that important progress has been made.

If you believe the Guardian:

“This is a good agreement,” the European commissioner Miguel Cañete told the Guardian. “We have more to do but we can move forward now.”

Nicholas Stern, author of the seminal review of the economics of climate change, said: “This has been another summit of tough negotiations, but it has ultimately succeeded in its crucial primary task of agreeing the so-called rulebook for the Paris agreement.”

But a rather more honest take can be found in this annually updated report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Every UN Climate Summit, it notes, follows exactly the same formula.

The Hopes:

‘Three years after the Paris Agreement was adopted, the EU hopes that all parties in Katowice will show the commitment and determination necessary to secure an ambitious and comprehensive work programme.”

The Last Chance:

‘Katowice offers last chance to limit warming to 1.5◦C; countries must revise national plans at the upcoming climate conference’.

Time Is Running Out:

‘We’re running out of chances to save the planet from climate change.’

The Circus:

‘Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has long campaigned against climate change, is expected to draw crowds, while there are reports that other Hollywood celebrities will make an appearance as well.’

The Deadlock:

‘First day of ministerial meetings fails to resolve deadlock.’ (Indian Express)

The Breakthrough at Five Minutes to Midnight:

‘Climate negotiators reach an overtime deal to keep Paris pact alive.’

The Cold Light of Day:

‘UN climate accord ‘inadequate’ and lacks urgency, experts warn.’ (Guardian)

None of the facts on climate has changed since last year’s failed summit in Bonn, Germany. It remains as uncertain as ever that man-made carbon dioxide emissions are making any significant contribution to “climate change”.

So, to compensate for the ongoing failure of their doomsday models to predict ‘climate change’, the UN’s activist scientists, watermelon economists, and celebrity hangers on have simply ramped up the rhetoric.

Whispery-voiced, gorilla-hugging Malthusian Sir David Attenborough opened the show by warning that the world was coming close to its end:

“If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Not to be outdone, Al Gore did his best ever Prophet Jeremiah impersonation, by warning of “hell on earth” and a new “dark age” if the planet’s leaders failed to take the necessary action including “ubiquitous” draconian population control of the kind that has caused such misery in India and China.

Gore rehearsed the usual litany of climate doom claims – as well as introducing a new one, specially tailored for his local Polish audience.

As the New American reports:

For instance, he blamed global warming for civil war in Syria. He blamed “air pollution” for making Polish children dumber, dishonestly seeking to connect CO2, also known as the gas of life, to actual pollution. He even claimed global warming would make allergies worse. “98% of European cities could experience worse droughts by 2050,” Gore claimed. “Half of all the animals in all the world have gone since the 1970s!” he fumed. “Is that OK?” Gore showed scary images of ice melting in Greenland in the spring, as if there were something unusual about that. He also played a clip of a nuclear bomb exploding for emphasis. And pointing to the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, Gore blamed alleged man-made warming, and said the response was an example of “environmental racism.”

But the world is moving on from the great climate scare story. As we reported last week, a new climate realist bloc – led by President Trump’s USA with fire support from Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – is refusing even to pay lip service to the UN’s scaremongering. This resulted in the embarrassment whereby the UN summit was unable to adopt its own scaremongering report produced for it by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Meanwhile the world’s largest polluter, China, is building 200 new airports by 2035 – confirming its sincere commitment to the UN’s climate change narrative…


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