Report: 93% of GOP Women Who Love Trump Are ‘Determined Political Outliers’

Women for Trump
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A recent poll shows that 93 percent of Republican women love President Donald Trump and stand behind him despite any perceived crisis at any given moment.

Wall Street Journal editorial writer Daniel Henninger calls this distinct and dedicated population of women “America’s most determined political outliers”:

They aren’t just women. They are self-identified Republican women. No one likes Mr. Trump more than Republican women do. This parallel truth about women in the electorate jumped out from the data in the Dec. 17 Fox News Poll, a random national sample of registered voters.

Henninger notes that according to the Fox poll Trump’s overall rating is 46 percent. His approval with Republican women is 93 percent — 8 percentage points higher than Republican men. 

“Republican women outrun men in their support for Mr. Trump on virtually every issue Fox polled,” Hennington writes.

In his commentary, however, Henninger cautions the president that not every woman included in the 93 percent who support him are completely behind him; 36 percent “somewhat” support him in the Fox poll.

But the poll also reveals that 12 percent of these women believe that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Henninger also notes that if the strong support for Trump goes “wobbly,” the president will be in serious trouble.

Henninger continues his analysis of the Fox poll, noting that even some Democrats admit they are faring well under Trump; 41 percent of Democrat men and 31 percent of Democrat women said that 2018 has been a good year. 

Henninger continues, jumping on the anti-Twitter and Trump bandwagon: 

I will argue until the final day that if Twitter didn’t exist, Mr. Trump would be having a politically successful presidency. The Trump tweets and counterattacks keep the country in a state of perpetual agitation. That artificially created anxiety may net out as a steady downdraft on the Trump presidency.

He notes that while Republican women love Trump, many (68 percent) are “concerned” about the U.S. economy even though it is booming. And 71 percent are unhappy about the political divides in the country.

Henninger also notes concerns about health care among Republican women — 77 percent — a number that reflects what this writer thinks in the “greatest Republican political blunder of this generation”: the failure to deal with Obamacare.

Henninger’s critique on Trump continues, warning the president that how he deals with the incoming Democrat majority in the House may be precarious. 


We can end on a holiday high note. The Fox survey asked: “When deciding who to spend time with this holiday season, will the political views of friends and family be a factor.” Seventeen percent of grumpy Democratic men said yeah, it would be a “major” factor. But only 10% of Republican women said they’d banish friends or family over Ebenezer Trump. As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one.”

As Breitbart reported, Republican women have concerns about females and the GOP, with many believing that the party must recruit, run, and elect more women for Trump’s sake and for the sake of future generations of conservatives.

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