Exclusive — Candace Owens: Blexit Is a ‘Revolutionary Declaration of Independence’

Blexit campaign founder Candace Owens spoke exclusively to Breitbart News on Sunday amid the inaugural Los Angeles Blexit rally, which hosted hundreds of free-thinking black, Hispanic, and Latino activists.

“It’s beyond a war. It’s a declaration of independence, right? It’s revolutionary. It’s letting people know that we don’t have to be oppressed because we are minorities,” Candace Owens said of the BLEXIT movement. “We should not feel like we are separate from the American dream. I mean, I am shocked to see like, I have this vision and so many Latino people responded and said, ‘Put us in BLEXIT. We’re the L.’ And here we are. We are in downtown Los Angeles.”

She added, “It really means something. It totally pulls at my heart. I’m just blessed to have this much support and love.”

Owens says BLEXIT gives timid Trump supporters the ability to publicly support him and his agenda.
“I think it gives people the permission to outwardly support him. People have been hiding and nervous to say something. Everyone that I know is doing better under this president than they were under Barack Obama, but we’re so shamed. We’re told that we’re not allowed to like Trump. I think now when you get into a room and you realize that there are so many people that think just like you, that you are a part of this revolution, a part of this declaration of independence, it inspires you to go out and be a part of the fight.”

“You don’t need to run from the left and go to the right, you know? But you should question why you’re standing where you’re standing. You have the authority to question why we are married to a party and a political ideology that has never served us,” Owens explained to Breitbart News’ Jerome Hudson. “Not in the history of the United States has the left ever served black Americans or Latino Americans. And that’s where it starts. Educate yourselves. Make your own decisions. Become a part of a political dialogue and not a fear-based dialogue, which is what the left wants.”

In closing the interview, Owens discussed the future of BLEXIT.

“It looks like political parties that are actually competing on good ideas, not scarier narratives. That’s what it looks like,” Owens said in regards to the future of BLEXIT. “It looks like they know that our vote is never guaranteed, that we are going to pay attention to the issues. It looks like seeing this movement also be galvanized on campuses because as we know, we are being miseducated. And seeing perhaps BLEXIT groups pop up on college campuses. I just want to make sure we continue the discussion and that we debate the actual ideas and not emotions.”

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