Delingpole: No ‘Climate Change’ in SOTU; Leftists Apoplectic

TOPSHOT - Activists dressed as polar bears are pictured as activists gather for a demonstration to form a giant red line at the Avenue de la Grande armee boulevard in Paris on December 12, 2015, as a proposed 195-nation accord to curb emissions of the heat-trapping gases that threaten to …

The left is furious that President Trump’s State of the Union address failed to mention the single most important issue in the history of mankind: climate change.

It’s so furious, in fact, that it has had to invent a whole new insult to capture the magnitude of its rage against the people it used to call “deniers.”

Yeah! Lock up the guys who run the companies that warm your homes, power your air con, fuel your cars, recharge your lap tops, heat your food. That’ll work…

Meanwhile, in the real world, nature appears to be ignoring all the experts who said that unless we acted yesterday the world would turn into a boiling orb of molten hell.

There’s a word that captures President Trump’s skeptical position on climate change far, far better than the word “arsonists” does.



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