13-Year-Old Sells Xbox, Does Yard Work to Buy His Single Mom a Car

William Rabillo

Krystal Preston was in “complete shock” when her son, 13-year-old William Rabillo, surprised her with a 1999 Chevrolet Metro.

“I have no words right now that can express how I am feeling at this moment,” Preston wrote on Facebook. “The last couple weeks have literally been hell filled with so many tears, anger, confusion and heart ache,” she admitted. “Today I got the shock of my life.”

When her son told her what he had done with all of his hard work, Preston assumed it was “some kind of joke.”

It wasn’t. And once she realized that, the proud mother “completely lost it”:

I started balling my eyes out.. I am speechless my 13 year old son bought me a car. He did some work for this women and that was his payment that he worked out with her. And here I thought it was a joke… Nope I was handed the keys and paperwork to the car and I’m freaking out but so in shock like Ong [sic] this is happening right now. So we got into the car it started right up and off we went.

Preston could not have been more delighted. “I am so proud of my son. He is such a good kid,” she said. “He may have his days but OMG what 13 year old kid do you know that buys his mom a car… William I love you son and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you.”


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