Donald Trump: Republicans Should Love What I’m Doing with ‘Beautiful’ Tariffs

Asian markets sink on fresh trade fears after Trump remarks

President Donald Trump defended tariffs as a “beautiful thing” on Thursday and said Republicans should support him.

“Tariffs are a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful word, if you know how to use them properly, Republicans should love what I’m doing,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Trump said tariffs were a great negotiating tool while also creating an incentive for other countries to bring back manufacturing to the United States.

Trump blamed Congress for failing to pass asylum reform to stop the migrant crisis but also blamed Mexico for failing to stop the “invasion” of migrants traveling to the border from Central America.

He said he had no problem getting tough with Mexico, citing the amount of crime and drugs crossing into the United States.

“They need us, we don’t need them, they stole 32 percent of our car business with NAFTA, the stupidest deal, one of the truly stupid deals of our time,” he said.


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