Pete Buttigieg: Republicans Believe ‘God Would Smile’ Putting Kids in Cages

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Mayor Pete Buttigieg accused religious Republicans of condoning putting migrant kids in cages after they were apprehended at the border, during the MSNBC debate on Thursday.

“To suggest that God would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents, that God would condone putting children in cages, has lost all claim to ever use religious language again,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg mocked the Republican Party for trying to “cloak itself” in religion, reminding supporters that Democrats believed in the separation of church and state.

The South Bend Mayor argued that all illegal immigrants should get a pathway to citizenship, since they were already paying some taxes. He also claimed that Americans agreed that illegals deserved amnesty.

“The real problem is we shouldn’t have 11 million undocumented people with no pathway to citizenship,” he said. “It makes no sense and the American people agree on what to do, this is the crazy thing.”


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