‘Justice on Trial’ Book on Kavanaugh Tops Bezos-Owned Amazon Best Sellers List, Media Ignore

Brett Kavanaugh is the latest conservative justice to join the US Supreme Court
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Justice on Trial, the tell-all on the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, hit number one on the Amazon Best Sellers list on Monday, but you would never know it from scanning media outlets, which appear to be ignoring the book completely.

Conservative legal star Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the influential Judicial Crisis Network, and Mollie Hemmingway of The Federalist and Fox News Channel, coauthored the first authoritative work on the most explosive Supreme Court confirmation fight in U.S. history.

Severino is an uber-insider when it comes to judicial confirmations, who combined her legal expertise and behind-the-scenes knowledge with Hemmingway’s investigative reporting skills to write a fascinating account of a months-long saga that defined part of the current presidency, and recently led to a series of major 5-4 Supreme Court decisions that will impact the nation for decades to come.

It should be no surprise that the book is topping the charts on Amazon, which is owned by Jeff Bezos. On Amazon at the time of this writing, the book is number one in Non-Fiction, number one in New Releases, and number two in Books (which is all books combined). People nationwide are clearly intensely interested in what really happened during those turbulent hearings in 2018.

But for some reason, the establishment media does not seem to think it is newsworthy. Books peddling tripe from unnamed sources get primetime billing so long as the uncorroborated allegations criticize President Donald Trump, but openly sourced accounts from actual participants in one of the biggest successes of the Trump presidency to date do not get so much as a BTW from the institutional press. (BTW is “by the way”—for readers who do not regularly use text abbreviations.)

“For a book like this to go number one, even before the official release, is phenomenal,” Hemmingway said in a statement issued Monday as the rankings went up. “But it gets right to the reasons we wrote this book: there are so many untold stories that fascinate the public, because the public knows they didn’t get the straight story the first time around.”

“Likewise, they are leery about what this entire episode means for future nominations, and this book lays bare how toxic these confirmation fights have become,” she warned.

Severino added:

Whether it’s the story of President Trump’s courage in sticking with Brett Kavanaugh, or Justice Kavanaugh’s courage in never giving in to the personal attacks, or the courage of Leland Keyser who refused to cave in to pressure to lie about Kavanaugh, or the courage of Senator Susan Collins who would not bow to bullying, this book is number one because the American people want to know the truth.

Severino and Hemmingway began their media tour Monday on Fox News Channel, on Fox & Friends and The Story with Martha McCallum, to preview the book, which hits bookshelves (and Amazon) on Tuesday.

Ken Klukowski is senior legal analyst for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @kenklukowski.


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