Alan Dershowitz: Left Is Tying Me to Epstein Crimes Because I’ve Defended Trump

Appearing Tuesday on WNYM’s The Joe Piscopo Show, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said he believes efforts to link him to sex abuse allegations against hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein are motivated by his defense of President Donald Trump in relation to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the issue of impeachment.

Virginia Giuffre has claimed Epstein coerced her to have intercourse with Dershowitz, then the investor’s attorney, when she was 16 years old.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

JOE PISCOPO: They are dragging your name through the mud. The first thing you did, an rightly so, you went to the FBI and said this is bogus, this is not true, take care of this. But, that’s got to be painful. We’ve all had bad things said about us, but to have your name dragged through the mud like that is so unnecessary?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: This is the only #MeToo case where I just didn’t know the person at all. And every other #MeToo case there was a preexisting relationship. They knew each other, they worked together, they had sex. These are people who just came out of the blue for money. I never met them, didn’t know them. From day one, I said there will be no photographs, I never met them, I didn’t know them, there will be no witnesses and there weren’t.

Finally, David Boies admitted to me on tape that it was impossible for me to have been in the place. Now that lawyer is trying to sue me for defamation. But I don’t worry because, in America, a falsely accused person has the right to defend themselves… At 80 years old, I really have better things to do. And part of this is clearly motivated by the fact that I’ve defended Trump on Constitutional grounds.


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