Scarborough Predicts Trump ‘Loses in a Landslide’ in 2020 — ‘He Is Routed Next Year’

During Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough weighed in on President Donald Trump’s chances in 2020, predicting a reelection bid is going to “end very badly” for him.

According to Scarborough, Trump is going to lose in a “landslide” because he is being a “bigot and a racist,” which the host argued only appeals to “one-third of the electorate.”

“Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself again,” Scarborough stated in a message directed at the president. “This is going to end very badly for you.”

He continued, “All of this is deeply offensive, but I’m already tired at all the op-eds I’m going to have to read after Donald Trump loses in a landslide. People saying, ‘Well of course, this was due to happen because his bigotry only appealed to one-third of the electorate.’ That will happen. Just like we said Donald Trump could win, I’m telling you, that will happen. This is what gets me. This is such a losing proposition. This is the politics of subtraction. There is no way this leads to victory. This gets women, suburban voters, educated voters, of course, people of color. It gets them fired up in a way that they’ll go out to vote, whereas this depresses a lot of support for Donald Trump. That’s what I don’t understand, Elise. Why he’s being a bigot and a racist, thinking that that’s going to help him get elected. It’s not. It’s going to ensure that he is routed next year.”

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