Elizabeth Warren: I Believe Ford; ‘Brett Kavanaugh Should Be Impeached’

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 27: Christine Blasey Ford answers questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, September 27, 2018 on Capitol Hill.
Melina Mara/Getty Images)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) expressed support for Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford and in a tweet marking the one-year anniversary of Ford’s testimony before Congress, declared that the Supreme Court justice “should be impeached.”

“I still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And like the man who appointed him, Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached,” Warren wrote, following a week of impeachment drama on Capitol Hill:

Warren was far from the only Democrat to declare support for Kavanaugh’s accuser on Friday.

“A year ago, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford told her story. Senators didn’t listen, but the Americans people did,” former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D) wrote.

“Like Anita Hill before her, the impact of her testimony will inspire and encourage women to continue to have the courage to speak out,” he added, calling her a “hero”:

“One year ago today, we saw what true courage looked like as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward and testified before the Senate,” Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who recently dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary race, tweeted.

“We believed her then. We believe her now,” he added:

“I believed Christine Blasey Ford a year ago. I believe Christine Blasey Ford today,” far-left “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) remarked. “I believe survivors”:

Ford’s accusatory testimony – in which she accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a college party more than 30 years ago – was fraught with contradictions. Ford claimed that her friend, Leland Keyser, was at the party where the alleged assault took place. However, Keyser has been quoted denying any recollection of the alleged event.

“I don’t have any confidence in the story. Those facts together I don’t recollect, and it just didn’t make any sense,” she said, according to the New York Times Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly’s book The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.

“It would be impossible for me to be the only girl at a get-together with three guys, have her leave, and then not figure out how she’s getting home,” Keyser said. “I just really didn’t have confidence in the story.”

Even Ford’s father reportedly supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation, despite his daughter’s unfounded claims.

Despite the pending questions, Ford has remained a heroic political figure for many on the left. She made Time Magazine’s annual “100 Most Influential People” list, which featured a profile written by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who praised Ford’s “sacrifice.”

“Her story, spoken while holding back tears, shook Washington and the country. Her courage, in the face of those who wished to silence her, galvanized Americans,” Harris wrote.

“And her unfathomable sacrifice, out of a sense of civic duty, shined a spotlight on the way we treat survivors of sexual violence,” she continued.

Harris praised Ford again on Friday in an op-ed published by Elle, calling for an impeachment inquiry into Kavanaugh.

“After allegations of sexual assault surfaced during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, I saw up close that the hearings and FBI investigation were not a serious pursuit of truth or justice,” she continued.

“We need to get to the truth about Kavanaugh. And I believe the best path to truth and accountability is through a formal impeachment process,” she added.


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