Exclusive Video: 911 Called as Constituents Press Dem Lawmaker on Trump Impeachment 

Police officers kicked out constituents protesting the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump at Rep. Lucy McBath’s (D-GA) office in Sandy Springs on Wednesday.

The constituents are members of the Tea Party Patriots. A local conservative activist in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, represented by McBath, provided a video of Wednesday’s incident exclusively to Breitbart News.

In the video, provided to Breitbart News by Tea Party Patriots Action, Jenny Beth Martin, the chairwoman of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, blamed McBath’s staffers for calling the police.

Referring to the impeachment inquiry, she declared:

McBath’s staffers are calling 911 because constituents want to talk to the staff to tell them they don’t want to see her allow this witch hunt to continue against President Trump.

An unidentified police officer, however, said a security guard called 911. A private building houses McBath’s office in Sandy Springs.

“She [McBath] rents this property. The security [guard] is the one who called us. I haven’t spoken to the congresswoman,” one of several police officers who arrived at the scene said.

“The only issue is this is private property, and they don’t want you to be on their private property,” another one added, without elaborating further.

“We have been instructed by security that we can only have a few [people inside the building] at a time. This is a private facility,” a McBath staffer who refused to identify himself further noted.

The Georgia voters appeared distraught by being unable to talk to their congresswoman. Many of them ignored the staffer and walked inside the building until the police arrived.

It is unclear whether the police made any arrests.

Initially, the group of protesters, the vast majority self-identified as constituents, demonstrated their disdain for McBath’s support for the impeachment inquiry against Trump outside the congresswoman’s office.

Debbie Dooley, a prominent Atlanta-based Tea Party leader, declared:

Lucy McBath does not want to hear from her constituents. She doesn’t want to hear the voice. The only voice she is interested in hearing is the voices of people that hate Donald Trump and support impeachment. She lied when she said she was bipartisan and would work with everybody.

Martin added:

We’re out here to make sure that people understand that we’re tired of this witch hunt. We’re tired of this phony impeachment inquiry. We’ve heard it for two years that there was Russian collusion. As soon as they found out that there wasn’t Russian collusion, they switched to look at some other way to go after the president. All of this is because they are angry that they lost the election and they want to undo the election results for 2016.

A second unidentified McBath staffer claimed that the congresswoman was too busy in meetings discussing sensitive information to meet with her constituents. He provided the voters with a sheet on a clipboard to voice their concerns.

The constituents accused the Democrat congresswoman of misleading them by masquerading as a moderate when they voted her into office.

McBath, along with some of her fellow U.S House of Representative members from Georgia, had a change of heart and endorsed the effort by the chamber’s other Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump.

In a September 25 statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), she said:

As I have continued to say from the beginning – the Judiciary Committee’s investigation has always been to find the facts for the American people. I voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry process on September 12 and continue to support the responsibility of this Congress to uncover the truth and defend the Constitution.

Last week alone, McBath voted twice in favor of a potential impeachment of Donald Trump.

In 2018, freshman Congresswoman McBath upset an incumbent Republican to win a seat in a suburban district.


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