I’m Just Like You: Beto O’Rourke Gets a Flu Shot!

instagram / @betoorourke

“Take a deep breath. No crying,” said the nurse. And to his credit, the man did not cry.

Running a presidential campaign is a daunting and physically exhausting endeavor. We’ve already seen exploding eyes and runaway teeth, and it’s only October of 2019. But one candidate cleared his schedule of campaign events in Mexico as well as any other platforms by which to kick out Breitbart reporters, in order to give himself — and, perhaps, his anemic poll numbers — a much-needed shot in the arm… literally.

Posting a video of himself receiving a flu shot on Instagram, the backrunner to win the Democratic nomination, Beto O’Rourke, continues to embrace the theme I’m Just Like You, by going after the passionately sought-after flu shot-receiving demographic.

Unorthodox campaign strategy? Perhaps. But maybe the joke is on his competition which continues to foolishly try to connect to the working men and women based on policy, while ignoring the millions upon millions of Americans afraid of getting the flu. What does this man know? What does he see?

Of course, O’Rourke has already curried favor and perhaps locked in the elusive tire changing vote. He’s almost certainly nailed down voters who cut their hair (a move some in the bald community found degrading). Not to mention, he’s hit it out of the park with those concerned about dental health.

Vegas oddsmakers are trying to determine just where he’ll strike next. Some believe he will begin his courtship of that hard-to-reach group of voters who wear shoes… or those who do not. Some believe he will target those who enjoy fruit. Wherever his campaign leads, O’Rourke will inevitably prove one thing before this election is over, and that is he is JUST LIKE YOU!

FLASHBACK: Beto changes a tire.

Beto gets a haircut.

Beto goes to the dentist.

And the clip that started it all…


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