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Flu shot in California (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Texas Flu Season Death Toll Surpasses 4,150

The latest report released by Texas public health officials shows the state’s flu-related death toll surpassed 4,150 since the onset of this year’s influenza season.

Flu screening in Texas

Flu Outbreak Shutters Texas School District

A flu outbreak is forcing a North Texas school district to shut down for a week because the number of students, teachers, and staff exhibiting influenza-like symptoms continues to soar.

AP Photo/The Virginian-Pilot, Stephen M. Katz, File

US Slammed With ‘Severe’ Flu This Year

The country, especially the Midwest, is being socked with a flu strain that the Centers for Disease Control has rated as “severe” because of the higher-than-average number of cases being reported.