Watch: Trump Supporter Calmly Reacts to Protester Spitting in His Face During Interview

Trump supporter gets spit on
Screenshot, YouTube/Vice

A supporter of President Donald Trump reacted calmly after a protester spit in his face on Thursday night during a TV interview.

Vice News was interviewing Dave Carlson, a salesman in Minnesota who attended the president’s political rally, when an unknown protester spit in his face.

Carlson winced, turned slightly, and replied, “Oh nice,” and chuckled.

The Vice News reporter reacted in shock while another protester apologized for what happened as Carlson wiped the spit off of his face.

A second protester approached him to explain why it happened: “That’s not how people really feel; that’s f*cking disrespectful, but on the other hand, that shit is disrespectful as f*ck that too,” he said, pointing to Carlson’s hat.



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