WATCH — Mark Meadows Slams CBS News’s Nancy Cordes Over Inaccuracy

Mark Meadows vs CBS News

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) slammed CBS News reporter Nancy Cordes on Wednesday during a recess break from the impeachment inquiry waged by the Democrat Party.

Meadows’ remarks to Cordes were made after the CBS News reporter approached him and attempted to persuade Meadows that she had read all of the transcripts from the depositions. However, some transcripts have yet to be released, proving that Cordes was not accurate in saying she “read all the depositions.”

“For the case you are making to be true, every single witness who has testified, more than a dozen of them, would have to be either lying or mistaken,” Cordes said to Meadows.

Meadows quipped:

That’s not correct. Your characterization is so inherently wrong and biased. Let me ask you this, for the American people, how many hours have you been sitting in these depositions? How many hours?

Cordes went on to tell Meadows she had “read all the depositions.”

“You have not read all the transcripts,” Meadows responded, before receiving a reassuring “yes, I have” response from Cordes.

“I beg to differ, because they haven’t all been released, so there’s no way you read them all,” Meadows concluded. “But I can tell you, your premise is not right.”

Immediately after being shut down by Meadows, the reporter walked away.

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