Pete Buttigieg Clings to Bible as He Looks for Votes in South Carolina

Reverend William Barber walks with South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, as they leave after Sunday morning service at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina on December 1, 2019. (Photo by Logan Cyrus / AFP) (Photo by LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images)
LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images

Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues emphasizing that he is a Bible-believing Christian, attempting to earn the support of Democrats in South Carolina.

The South Bend mayor released an ad in South Carolina on Monday, emphasizing his citation of Scripture during his November speech at the Iowa Democrats Liberty and Justice dinner.

“In our White House, you won’t have to shake your head and ask yourself, ‘Whatever happened to, ‘I was hungry and you fed me; I was a stranger and you welcomed me?’” Buttigieg says in the ad footage, citing Matthew 25:35:

Buttigieg also spent two hours at a black church on Sunday with Pastor William Barber II, even carrying his own Bible to the service.

“I follow a God who came into this world not in riches, but in poverty, not as a citizen, but as a refugee, not as a political authority, but as a political dissident Who died for it,” he said, referring to the life of Jesus Christ.

Buttigieg also reminded the congregation that the Bible repeatedly referred to the poor and the oppressed.

“I can’t count the number of times the word “poor” shows up in Scripture,” he said. “It’s an awful lot.”

Since he entered the race, Buttigieg has used social teachings in the Bible to shame Republicans and justify his positions on amnesty for illegal immigrants and abortion.

“Jesus speaks so often in hyperbole and parable, in mysterious code, that, in my experience, there’s simply no way that a literal understanding of Scripture can fit into the Bible that I find in my hands,” he said in a November interview with Rolling Stone.


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