Watch–Comedians: Venues Canceled Our Sold-Out Shows After Realizing We’re Conservative

The conservative comedian duo known as the Hodgetwins told Breitbart News that venues in several cities have canceled their sold-out shows after discovering that they are conservative.

The Hodge Twins spoke to Breitbart News on Saturday at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“We had a couple venues cancel our [sold-out] shows,” said the Hodge Twins. “They actually canceled them, because after we booked the show and the tickets went on sale, they went and did some research about us — like our YouTube channel and Facebook — and found out we’re conservative and they canceled the show, just because we’re conservative.”

“So it’s not about equality when it comes from people that are liberal,” they added.

“Back in the racist day, when they had ‘white only,’ they should put ‘liberal only,'” they quipped. “That’s what they need to do. Why don’t you be more open about it.”

The duo also mentioned that they believe people try to silence them — and others — because the left knows that conservative social media influencers would end up reaching more people than the mainstream media if they truly had access to unfettered communication.

“The social influncers like us, and all these people you see on Instagram and Facebook, they have more power than the actual media does,” said the Hodge Twins. “So, I think that’s why they’re going about it that way. It’s to silence us.”

Whenever you see a black person standing up for Trump or conservative values or Christianity, they attack us, because we’re a major threat to them, because when it comes to who’s getting the most numbers, it’s influencers. It’s not mainstream media. It’s the influence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. We’re pulling in all the numbers. [The mainstream media] is actually laying people off.

“Yeah, there’s some places we can’t go,” said the Hodge Twins of their canceled shows, “like Tallahassee — Portland — Austin, Texas, it’s horrible.”

“Hollywood’s main agenda is to put forth liberalism, or leftist ideas,” they added. “They’re not conservative — everything they do, they see it as, ‘We need to put out propaganda out there.'”

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