Trump: ‘Inclusive Society Is Making Sure Every Young American Gets a Great Education’

White House

President Donald Trump said during his State of the Union address on Tuesday that an “inclusive society” is one that ensures “every young American gets a great education.”

President Trump said:

[F]or too long, countless American children have been trapped in failing government schools. To rescue these students, 18 states have created school choice in the form of Opportunity Scholarships. The programs are so popular, that tens of thousands of students remain on waiting lists.

Trump introduced two of his special guests, Janiyah and Stephanie Davis.

Janiyah is a fourth-grader from Philadelphia and has attended low-performing schools. Her mother, Stephanie, is a single mother who attempted to apply for a tax credit scholarship, but, because Pennsylvania’s Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed school choice legislation, Janiyah’s mother could not afford to have her attend a better school.

“But there is more to their story,” Trump announced. “Janiyah, I am pleased to inform you that your long wait is over. I can proudly announce tonight that an Opportunity Scholarship has become available. It is going to you, and you will soon be heading to the school of your choice!”

Trump urged Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, legislation that would “expand elementary, secondary, and vocational education opportunities for students by providing a federal tax credit to encourage individuals and businesses to donate to nonprofit scholarship funds.”

“No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing government school,” the president said.

He added that First Lady Melania Trump has launched the “Be Best” initiative to “advance a safe, healthy, supportive, and drug-free life for the next generation, online, in school, and in our communities.”

School choice is a major initiative of the Trump administration.


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