Donald Trump: I Know Who ‘Anonymous’ Is


President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday to know the identity of the “Anonymous” government official criticizing his administration in a New York Times op-ed and in a book.

Trump spoke about the individual that remains unnamed, despite some guesses at the identity of the protesting deep-state official.

“It’s not so much a search… I know who it is,” Trump told reporters prior to boarding Air Force One on Tuesday, as they repeatedly asked him to reveal the name.

“Can’t tell you that,” he replied. “But I know who it is. We won’t get into it, people know it’s a fraud.”

The official wrote a New York Times op-ed in September 2018 claiming to be only “part” of the “resistance inside the Trump administration,” describing the president as unfit to lead the country.

The official also published a book in November 2019 that warned that Trump “stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information.”

But Trump appeared confident that he had rooted out the official responsible.

“I know all about ‘Anonymous,'” Trump told reporters.

Reports have speculated that Deputy National Security Adviser Victoria Coates is responsible for the book and the op-ed, although she has denied it.


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