All Hail ‘Miraculous’ China: Pakistan Analyst Condemns U.S. Coronavirus Criticism

TOPSHOT - Members of a medical assistance team from Jiangsu province chant slogans at a ceremony marking their departure after helping with the COVID-19 coronavirus recovery effort, in Wuhan, in China's central Hubei province on March 19, 2020. - Medical teams from across China began leaving Wuhan this week after …
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The world must look to “miraculous” China for leadership in the growing coronavirus epidemic, a Pakistan political analyst said Thursday, adding criticism of the Communist state by the U.S. is “not conducive to global harmony.”

“Rather than making mockery of the Chinese nation or calling the virus ‘made in China’, the world must learn from the miraculous measures China has adopted to defeat this invisible enemy,” said Yasir Masood, former director of media and publications at the Center of Excellence of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Massod’s voice is just one more in a global chorus cheering on China as it tries to paint itself as a Good Samaritan while at the same time deflecting criticism over its missteps in handling the coronavirus epidemic.

The Pakistani political and international relations analyst told the official Xinhua News Agency any attempts to call China into question  over its handling of the Wuhan virus had to be condemned by the media, even as U.S. President Donald Trump tackled that very matter:

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Epidemics have taken millions of lives throughout history and can “wreak havoc at a moment’s notice,” Masoon reasoned, adding “epidemics and natural disasters have no boundaries and they do not announce their arrival.”

China is now extending help to other countries to defeat this pandemic, he said, calling on Pakistan to take every step to follow China’s lead.

Masood, who was in China when the disease first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December, said the government’s efforts to stem the virus’ spread are commendable and must be applauded.

“The sterilization of public places and collective quarantine were strictly adopted in the country and the suspected cases were taken care of,” he said.

Praising the Chinese government and its people for their “resilience, discipline, and unity” during the outbreak, he said China’s measures must be followed and all blame laid to one side.

Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates also pushed back against criticism of China, writing in an Ask Me Anything session on the American social news platform Reddit that “we should not call this the Chinese virus.”

A front-page commentary by the state-run People’s Daily on Thursday emphasised China’s role as a “responsible major country” that willingly cooperates with other nations.

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