Bill Barr Warns Industrial Medical Mask Hoarders: ‘You Will Be Hearing a Knock on Your Door’

White House

Attorney General Bill Barr warned hoarders of medical equipment on Monday at the White House that the federal government had the power to seize their goods, thanks to an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.

“If you have a big supply of toilet paper in your house, this is not something that you have to worry about, but if you are sitting on a warehouse with surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door,” Barr said at the White House press briefing on Monday.

The order granted the Department of the Health and Human Services to designate select medical equipment as scarce, according to Barr, who said that the Department of Justice would be working with them to retrieve the equipment.

Barr said that people hoarding medical goods and materials on an industrial scale for the purpose of manipulating the markets would be affected, not businesses obtaining supplies for operation.

The executive order was signed by the president on Monday afternoon.

White House


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