WATCH: NYC Firefighters Cheer Medical Professionals at Queens Hospital

Getty Images

Firefighters with the New York City Fire Department showed up on Thursday during a shift change at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens to thank its tireless staff.

“Thank you Elmhurst Hospital,” a hand-made banner hung from the side of one of three massive red trucks read, from departments E287, B46, and L136. The firefighters themselves were arrayed on the tops and sides of the rescue vehicles, applauding hospital staff as they left or arrived at their next grueling leg of the battle against the novel coronavirus.

In a video posted by CNN near midnight, emotional medics could be seen filming, waving, and cheering the firefighters back amid the wail of sirens — many of them in tears. “The health care workers were visibly moved. The firefighters, so appreciative and moved. I have to say, witnessing it, or it was really quite a moment to see,” reporter Erica Hill said.

New York City’s firefighters are not the only ones showing their appreciation to those working inside “coronavirus ground zero.” Market Table Catering & Events has also pledged two meals a week to the embattled medical professionals as they toil around the clock to save lives.

President Donald Trump took a moment on Tuesday to personally praise Elmhurst for its work. “I watched the doctors and nurses walking into the hospital this morning, and it is like military people going into battle, going into war. The bravery is incredible,” he said. “If I were wearing a hat, I’d rip that hat off so fast and I would say, ‘You people are just incredible.'”


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