Donald Trump Plans to Watch Easter Livestream Service by Pastor Robert Jeffress

White House

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would view Easter Sunday services online during the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m going to be watching on a laptop,” Trump said. “Now a laptop is not the same as being in his church or being in another church. It’s not, no matter what you say.”

The president said that he would watch Pastor Robert Jeffress’s service from First Baptist Dallas on Easter.

“He’s a terrific guy, a terrific man, I’ve gotten to know him very well, he’s a man of great compassion, he loves our country,” Trump said.

The president said that he had been watching Sunday services online as the coronavirus crisis continued.

“I have done this for three weeks,” he said, adding that the livestream services that he watched had “tremendous audiences.”

He said it would not be the same as attending Easter services in person.

“It cannot be church,” he said.

Trump acknowledged that there would be some pastors that would continue to gather on Easter despite the federal guidelines, but he urged them to comply.

“I’m a Christian, heal our country, let’s get healed before we do this,” Trump said.


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