Gov. Ron DeSantis: Florida Will Use Trump’s Plan to Reopen as ‘Baseline’

Despite a stay at home policy due to the coronavirus in Florida, beach goers enjoy the sun
AP Photo/John Raoux

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said on Friday that the state will use President Trump’s plan to reopen the nation as its “baseline,” but he added that the state may vary in its approach.

“I think there’s a number of things if you look at the president’s — what the president put out in terms of the different stages,” he told reporters at Friday’s press conference.

“We will obviously use that as kind of a baseline,” he continued, noting that the state’s decisions could vary.

It does not mean that Florida’s going to do “every single thing they say or not say, but that’s a pretty good baseline,” DeSantis explained.

“So you look at different things. What does the workforce look like, some of these businesses, letting people get back to work. I think that’s something that’s very, very important,” he stressed.

“In terms of outdoor spaces, if you look at how this disease is transmitted, it’s transmitted overwhelmingly when you’re in close sustained contact with people usually in an indoor environment,” he continued, adding that transmissions often happen “inside the home” or “inside things like public transportation.”

“I think the risk is much more minimal” at parks or outdoor places, DeSantis added.

He added that he has “always promoted essential activities with recreation” and referred to Duval County’s decision to reopen beaches, albeit with restrictions. He said those types of decisions remain, widely, local, which is the initial approach he took to address the pandemic in Florida.

The governor added that testing is continuing across the state, noting that 1 in 96 people in Florida, at this point, have been tested for the virus. Additionally, hospitals are not near capacity, as 43 percent of beds statewide are available.

DeSantis also suggested the curve is flattening in Florida, as 774 patients remain in ICU — the lowest number since April 9.

“Hospitalizations have been relatively flat,” he added.

The update comes as Trump releases guidelines for reopening America. He has emphasized, however, that governors will make the final call in their respective communities.

“Every state is very different. They are all beautiful. We love them all, but they are all very different,” Trump said on Thursday.


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