VA Protest Organizer: I Was Doxed, Threatened, Daughter ‘Wants Nothing to Do with Me’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

David Britt, one of the organizers of the Reopen Virginia Rally, told Breitbart News on Wednesday that a local business owner doxed him after he requested to set up outside her business, noting that it led to a barrage of “horrible calls and texts.”

“I got doxed by a business down here that I called asking if I could set up shop outside their business. She doxed me. I’ve gotten all kinds of horrible calls and texts,” he explained, telling Breitbart News that he was simply hoping to have a central place to be available to media.

Someone suggested Britt reach out to a local coffee shop, so he called the owner, who purportedly “began screaming” that he wanted “people to die and that kind of stuff.”

According to Britt, he called him back, and he continued to scream, “and then I started getting phone calls and texts from all kinds of people.”

He initially thought the stream of hate came from the press release but said one of the angry callers referred to her friend who owned the coffee shop.

“Fortunately a couple of the threats that said stay the f away from Richmond and all this kind of stuff and were threatening did not materialize,” he said, adding that the owner put the information out on social media in some “left of center places.”

He added that his daughter, who is a socialist, now wants nothing to do with him over the event.

“Everybody’s working out of fear, man. They’re terrified,” he said, agreeing that the media have inflated fear.

“It’s constantly a barrage of this stuff,” he said.

Despite that, Britt said the demonstration’s turnout was “beyond our expectations.”


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