‘Latinos Love Trump!’ Donald Trump Meets Sammy’s Mexican Grill Owners in Arizona

White House

President Donald Trump on Tuesday welcomed the owners of Sammy’s Mexican Grill to the stage in Arizona after they were attacked online for supporting Trump.

The president visited a Honeywell manufacturing plant and spoke about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

Owner Jorge Rivas thanked the president and said he was very proud of what he was doing to help the country.

“I think we represent a lot of the Latino community that is very proud of the job that you are doing,” Rivas said. “And I think most of us, all of us Latinos are going to vote for you.”

Rivas said that he and his wife Betty appreciated his support.

His wife wore a denim Keep America Great vest and showed it off to the crowd before addressing them in Spanish and concluded by saying “Latinos Love Trump!”

President Trump thanked the owners and said that he had personally paid for the meals for 150 health care workers in an area health care center.

“They’re sending Donald Trump the bill,” Trump said. “I can’t write it off to the government, cause they wouldn’t like that, but we’re paying it.”

The owners of the Mexican restaurant were attacked online after they were spotted at a Trump rally in February, but they defended their right to support the president.

After hearing their story, President Trump sent out a message on Twitter to support their restaurant.

The president’s endorsement sent enormous crowds to their restaurant in March.



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