PA Business Owner: Wolf’s Shutdown Is ‘Bullsh*t,’ He Doesn’t ‘Give a Flying F About Anybody but Himself’

Kris Ross, the owner of K&R Contractors who attended the Reopen Pennsylvania protest at the state’s Capitol on Friday, said that her business has been affected by the “bullsh*t” shutdown and told Breitbart News that Gov. Tom Wolf (D) “doesn’t give a flying f about anybody but himself.”

“This whole shutdown is bullshit,” she said. “I’m in real estate and also in construction. Not only was my business shut down, but Wells Fargo shut down my line of credit because of the uncertainty in the market.”

Ross, who has been in business for 20 years, said she has paid her employees and provided them with benefits through the shutdown with “no PPP,  no unemployment, and nothing.”

“Everything was out of my savings account. Governor Wolf doesn’t give a flying f about anybody but himself,” she said.

Ross said her business, which has been shut down since March 18, has never experienced anything like this and said they are shutting her down “without due process.”

“There was no reason he came in and took my business from me without that due process,” she said.

“It’s moronic the way in which he went about doing this,” she said, adding that Wolf should have taken a different approach, sector by sector.

Ross told Breitbart News that she called about the PPP multiple times and was eventually t0ld that they were not accepting applications because “they gave all money to the big companies that were over 500 people, which is bullshit first of all.”

“I got my — what I tell my husband every day — my daily fuck-off email,” she continued, which stated that they were still processing her application.

“Everybody needs to be open. He shut it down, too long, too many sectors all at once. It’s like, you know, putting a stick in your tire as you’re riding your bicycle. You’re going to flip over,” Ross continued.

“Everything’s going to topple, and that’s what’s happening,” she added.


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