103-Year-Old Massachusetts Woman Celebrates Coronavirus Victory with Beer

103-Year-Old Massachusetts Woman Celebrates Coronavirus Victory with Beer
Gunn Family Photo/Wicked Local

103-year-old Jennie Stejna defied the odds to beat the novel coronavirus on May 13 and treated herself to a victory bottle of Bud Light in celebration.

“Hell yes,” Stejna told her grandson-in-law, Adam Gunn, when asked whether she was ready to go to Heaven. A brutal fight against the novel coronavirus looked grim, and her family was forced to say their goodbyes over the phone. And while Stejna did not specify when she wanted to go, the following days made it clear: Not yet.

Stejna is a “hardcore Boston sports fan,” who “used to sit outside and listen to the Red Sox on the radio,” her family remembered. She also enjoys bingo, reading, and crochet, though the latter has become difficult due to arthritis. She has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren all rooting for her.

Over a century old at 103, Stejna lost her husband in 1992. He was 82 years old. But she is still kicking and more than happy to take a victory lap. Staff brought her a cold bottle of Bud Light, a drink Stejna loves but has not been able to have in a long time.

Shelley Gunn described her grandmother as having a “feisty spirit” — a sentiment echoed by her husband, Adam. Even so, the call they received on May 13 was a shocking surprise. “This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the coronavirus,” Adam said. “We’re truly very thankful.”


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