George Floyd’s Brother Urges Peace: Rioting ‘Not What My Brother Was About’


Appearing Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, George Floyd’s brother Terrence issued a plea for calm as protests descend into riots, saying violent unrest is “not what my brother was about.”

A partial transcript is as follows: 

ROBIN ROBERTS: [George Floyd] would appreciate that the majority of the protests have been peaceful, but as you know, it’s being overshadowed by those who are exploiting the protests. Are you and the family concerned that will take away from the message, the call for justice for your family, and in this country?

TERRENCE FLOYD: Yes, I do feel like it’s overshadowing what’s going on. Because like I said, he was about peace. He was about unity. But the things transpiring now, they may call it unity, but it’s destructive unity. That’s not what my brother was about.


It’s okay to be angry, but channel your anger to do something positive, or make a change another way. Because we’ve been down this road already. We’ve been down this road already. He would want us to seek justice the way we’re trying to do. But channel it another way. The anger, damaging your hometown, it’s not the way he’d want.


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