***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

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George Floyd protests continue on Sunday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

11:59 PM: Seattle:

11:30 PM:

11:05 PM:

10:40 PM:

10:35 PM: Portland, Oregon:

10:30 PM: Displaying lack of cultural IQ in a tweet that will piss off both sides. Still not ready for prime time.

10:25 PM: Bay Area, CA: Protests happening in unusual places…

10:20 PM: Oakland, CA:

10:05 PM: Texas:

9:35 PM: Detroit:

9:30 PM: Interesting.

9:10 PM:

9:05 PM:

8:59 PM:

8:55 PM: Denver

8:52 PM: St. Louis:

8:50 PM: L.A.

8:40 PM: What CNN analyst wants Trump to say:

8:35 PM: D.C.

8:30 PM: CA:

8:19 PM: Arizona:

8:15 PM: Airing this guy’s press conferences live while complaining about Trump’s another reason people hate the media.

8:12 PM: Dallas:

8:10 PM:

8:05 PM:

8:02 PM:

7:55 PM: Pittsburgh:

Larry Fitzgerald


7:50 PM: Chicago:

7:45 PM: L.A.

7:40 PM:

7:30 PM: D.C.

7:25 PM:

7:20 PM:

7:15 PM:


7:10 PM:

7:09 PM: L.A.

7:07 PM: There will be lots of discussions about Camden, NJ:

7:05 PM:

7:02 PM: PGA returning this week at Colonial with no fans while (some fans slated to return at the Golden Bear’s Memorial tournament while hundreds of thousands march in the streets and hold block parties for Floyd).

6:59 PM:

He has his dream job of being chief pundit:






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