Adults Have Portland Toddlers Hold Anti-Cop Signs and Repeat ‘F*ck the Police’

@Brittany3l/Twitter, Screenshot

Adults in Portland appeared to have toddlers hold anti-cop signs and repeat “fuck the police” for a bystander recording the moment, as the city continues to descend into chaos on a nightly basis.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has firsthand experience with violent Antifa rioters in Portland, shared a video on social media showing a group of adults walking with toddlers, who were holding anti-cop signs reading “Fuck the Police” and “Eff Trump’s Goons.”

“Show them your sign. Say, ‘Fuck the Police,’” an adult in the background told the children, who innocently repeated the phrase:

Portland saw another night of violence on Thursday evening after a crowd of over 1,000 gathered outside of the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse. According to a statement from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), several protesters set fires within the fence that surrounds the courthouse and breached the area, prompting a response from federal law enforcement.

“As Federal Police Officers dispersed the group they were hit with large projectiles, various incendiaries, and flashed with lasers,” the PPB stated:

By 1 a.m., a couple hundred people returned to the fence protecting the Federal Courthouse. These people continued to set fires, cut and breech the fence, and launch commercial grade fireworks towards the Federal Courthouse. The Federal Police Officers once again exited the Federal Court house and dispersed the crowd.

While Portland police did not engage with the demonstrators directly, they declared a riot shortly before 2 a.m.:

However, “many people stayed in the area and continued to light fires, and destruct federal courthouse property,” according to PPB:

PPB, which has been barred by the Portland City Council from cooperating with federal law enforcement, did not engage with the crowd nor make any arrests.

Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty recently made waves after telling Marie Claire that she believes officers are “starting the fires themselves” to justify “attacking community members.”


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