Exclusive: Restoration PAC Launches Its Largest Anti-Biden Ad Buy in Battleground Pennsylvania

Joe Biden Ad

Restoration PAC is setting its sights on the battleground state of Pennsylvania, expanding its “devastating” anti-Biden campaign in the form of its largest ad buy yet. It is spending $3.2 million in the Keystone State, bringing total spending on TV and digital ads in key swing states, as well as D.C., to $9.1 million.

Restoration PAC debuted the anti-Biden ad, produced by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad maker Rick Reed, in July in the form of a $2 million ad buy in Wisconsin. The ad focuses on then-Sen. Biden (D-DE) repeatedly lying about his resumé during a confrontation with a voter at a New Hampshire campaign stop in 1987. During the verbal spat, Biden questioned the voter’s IQ and claimed that he went to law school on a full academic scholarship. He also bragged of his supposed status as the “outstanding student in the political science department” at the end of his year and claimed he graduated with three degrees before telling the man, identified as “Frank,” that he would “be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like.”

All of those claims were grossly false, as the Restoration PAC ad — which gives voters a glimpse of Biden’s history of fabrication and his ease of doing so — clearly shows.

The Washington Post recently referred to the confrontation as Biden’s “worst campaign moment”:

Weeks later, Restoration PAC targeted Michigan voters in the form of a $2.5 million ad buy. Now, Pennsylvania is in the mix. According to Restoration PAC, the ad will run on all media markets beginning Tuesday through the end of the month. The latest buy brings total ad spending, including digital, to $9.1 million in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as Washington, D.C.

“We believe our ad is providing voters an important insight into Joe Biden’s character,” Restoration PAC founder and president, Doug Truax, said. “He has been deceiving voters for decades.”

July’s Restoration PAC poll shows Trump gradually narrowing the gap in Pennsylvania, trailing Biden by 5.4 percent. Monday’s RealClearPolitics average has the former vice president up by 6.4 percent.


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