Rudy Giuliani: ‘Don’t Let Democrats Do to America What They Have Done to New York’


During his speech to the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani issued a warning to the country: “Don’t let Democrats do to America what they have done to New York.”

“In 2013, my city elected a self described Progressive Democrat as Mayor,” the Big Apple’s former mayor said.

“New York City, once described as America’s Crime Capital, had become by the mid-1990s America’s safest large city. Now today my city is in shock. Murders, shootings, and violent crime are increasing at percentages unheard of in the past,” he said.

“We are seeing the return of rioting and looting. During riots, this Democrat mayor like others has often prevented the police from making arrests. Even when arrests are made liberal, progressive DAs release the rioters so as not to disrupt the looting,” Giuliani said.

He said New Yorkers wonder how they got into this situation.

“They elected (Bill) de Blasio because of their reflexive historical instinct to vote for a Democrat just because he was a Democrat and not to consider carefully his destructive policies and inadequate background,” he said.

“Don’t let Democrats do to America what they have done to New York!” Giuliani proclaimed.

The former mayor then turned his sights on Joe Biden.

“Biden has changed his principles so often, he no longer has any principles,” he said. “He disavowed his authorship of the 1994 Crime Bill.”

“He’s a Trojan Horse with Bernie (Sanders), (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), (Nancy) Pelosi, Black Lives Matter, and his party’s entire Left Wing hidden inside his body just waiting to execute their pro-criminal, anti-police policies,” Giuliani said.

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