Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s China Deals ‘Have Clear Implications for National Security’


Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer explores the troubling new evidence of Hunter Biden’s globe-hopping deals with foreign nations, even with totalitarian regimes like the Chinese Communist Party.

From the New York Post:

While Joe Biden served as vice president, his son Hunter received offers from foreign governments and oligarchs in areas where he had little or no expertise. That his foreign partners included a rival state, Communist China, makes these arrangements particularly brazen, even by Washington’s swampy standards.

Newly released Secret Service travel records for Hunter paint a clearer picture of how extensive these efforts were. The documents, reviewed by Judicial Watch, show that between 2009 and 2014, Hunter made 411 trips across 29 countries. While some of those trips were perhaps leisure and others related to his volunteer work for the World Food Program, many of them appear to be connected to deals that he or his associates either secured or sought with foreign governments and oligarchs.

But the most troubling aspect of Hunter’s relationship with foreign entities isn’t simply that a politician’s family is getting wealthy. That’s all too common. It’s that his largest partner overseas appears to be the Chinese government, a brutal totalitarian regime fast emerging as America’s major 21st-century adversary. And some of their commercial deals have clear implications for national security.

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