Buttigieg: Trump Has a ‘Dim View’ of the ‘Intelligence of His Own Supporters’

Former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg said on Fox News Wednesday that President Donald Trump has a “dim view” of the intelligence of his own supporters.”

Anchor Martha MacCallum said, “Do the American people sort of need to see that the former vice president can handle the very tough demanding schedule of what it takes to be the president of the United States?”

Buttigieg said, “You know, the best way to see who can handle that demanding schedule is to see who can handle it on the campaign trail. I’m in my 30s. The presidential trail beat me up. It’s tough. I was competing with Joe Biden, and Joe Biden beat me and every other contender that was there. I don’t think there’s a question about his ability to do that.”

He continued, “I’m not surprised that President Trump is frantically trying to get out of the hole he’s in. He knows he’s behind… He’s going to try to make up that advantage. We’ve seen Vice President Biden campaigning across the country. There’s one key difference. He’s never going to stuff his supporters into a room without masks in an indoor space over the objections of local public health officials. When you do that, you show a level of fundamental disrespect for your own supporters. Think about how low an opinion the Trump campaign must have of Trump supporters even back to Tulsa where they made people go into the event, sign waiver—”

MacCallum interjected, “Who made someone? Those people went in of their own accord. They were not made to go in there. You can criticize allowing it or hosting it, but to say they were made to go in there and they were stuffed in there, I don’t think is accurate.”

Buttigieg said, “The point is their respect for the health and safety of the people attending the event you set a certain tone when you lead people to a certain place. If you lead people to danger, you bear responsibility for that. In Tulsa, more recently, Nevada, he led people into danger. You know how you can tell what a dim view he has of the intelligence of his own supporters? Something that they were made to do was sign waivers saying they wouldn’t sue him if they got sick and died. Think about what that says for the respect he has for the people.”

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