Biden Brain Freeze: Joe Claims He Was Elected to the Senate ‘180 Years Ago’

WILMINGTON, DE - SEPTEMBER 14: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks about clim
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During a speech to the U.S Conference of Mayors on Saturday, Joe Biden claimed he was elected to the Senate “180 years ago.”


He read the line with a chuckle and did not correct himself.

If that was true, Biden would have been in the Senate in 1840 with the likes of John C. Calhoun, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, and Henry Clay.

On Friday, Biden made an appearance on MSNBC, and appeared to lose his train of thought and host Stephanie Ruhle bailed him out:

“For example, the paycheck protection act. You know, one percent of the money has gone out. One percent. One percent of the, uh — that’s not the paycheck — the um, uh, the, uh, the bill for small, for major…” Biden struggled.

“Main Street Lending,” Ruhle jumped in, referring to the actual program.

“Main Street Lending. One percent’s gone out,” Biden said.

On Saturday, the Biden campaign called a “lid” — that is, no more public sightings for the day — at 9:32 am:

Breitbart News reported Biden has been off the campaign trail more than one-third of September.

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