Watch: Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Sign Falls off Podium Mid-Speech

Joe Biden / YouTube

Joe Biden attacked President Trump’s handling of the economy on Wednesday when he suffered a prop malfunction.

Biden was criticizing Trump’s record on job creation and taxes while standing in front a sign that read “Build Back Better” in Cleveland.

Going between notes and a teleprompter, Biden said, “And you know, uh, he doesn’t— what he does, he, uh, he lies to you. He lies to you about exactly what’s happening.”

“Does he lie to you when— like this president did to your husband,” he continued, referring to the woman who introduced him, “that all the workers at GM plant in Lordstown were going to be in good shape. Remember when he said— you said it Tiffany, he said, ‘Don’t move. Don’t sell your house because no Ohio factory will shut down in Donald Trump’s America.'”

The “Build Back Better” sign then tumbled to the ground.

“He doesn’t pay his fair share— don’t worry about that,” he said about the sign.

“He doesn’t pay his fair share in taxes. He said he— that makes him smart. What does that do? What does that make you?” Biden said.

Biden was kicking off a train tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Later on in the speech, he was distracted by a train pulling into the station and attempted to discern if it was a commuter train or another type.

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