Buzz Aldrin Voices Support for Arizona Republican Martha McSally over Astronaut Mark Kelly

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - JUNE 27: Buzz Aldrin attends Starmus V: A Giant Leap, sponsored by Kaspersky at Samsung Hall on June 27, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Valeriano Di Domenico/Getty Images for Kaspersky)
Valeriano Di Domenico/Getty Images for Kaspersky

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin has seemingly endorsed Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) in her Senate race against retired astronaut Mark Kelly, the Democrat nominee.

“Martha, check six — Mark? Buzz — over 100 jet hours in Arizona,” 90-year-old Aldrin wrote in two separate tweets on Saturday. “12 o’clock is straight ahead. 6 o’clock is behind. Fighter pilots understand what ‘check six’ means in FTR lingo talk. Martha, wave as you move ahead past Mark, to 12 o’clock, and you win for Arizona!”

McSally reacted on Saturday, saying it is an “honor” to have the support from Aldrin, whom she considers a “hero astronaut.”

“Absolute honor to have the support of hero astronaut Buzz Aldrin in this mission,” McSally wrote in a tweet. “We must hold this seat, the Senate, and save the country. It’s a dog fight, and as we fighter pilots say: Fight’s On!”

In addition to Aldrin, three other astronauts have voiced their support for McSally over Kelly, including Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke, and Jack Lousma.

At an Arizona U.S. Senate debate earlier this month, McSally targeted Kelly for his decision to take the Chinese Communist Party’s banner into orbit with him.

“I’m not questioning your patriotism; I’m questioning your judgement,” McSally told Kelly.

“The facts are there,” McSally said, making reference to a story involving Kelly and a “Chinese junket.” “You went on the junket, paid for by the Chinese Communist government, part of their propaganda arm. 2003: while active duty Navy, 2004, 2005, you said it was the most meaningful thing you had done in your life. And then you chose… the Chinese communist banner to take to space with you.”

Aldrin rose to fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s after he piloted the Apollo 11 Lunar Module in 1969. Along with Neil Armstrong, Aldrin was one of the first humans to walk on the moon. In addition to his service in space, Aldrin is also a retired Air Force pilot and Korean War veteran.

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