Watch: Detroit Poll Workers Allegedly Trained to Call Police on Angry Poll Challengers ‘as First Resort’

MI Senate

A steady stream of witnesses testified before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday, recounting what they observed during the vote counting process in Detroit.

Adam De Angeli was working as an election employee whose job it was to inspect ballot boxes in the state’s most populated city.

De Angeli said he underwent two trainings and in both of them, students were told “social distancing requirements could be used to impede” challengers.

He also said if poll challengers got angry about the distancing rules, “we should call the police on them as a first resort.”

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson created a six-foot rule amid the coronavirus pandemic, but that was thrown out by a court shortly before counting began. According to De Angeli, workers were not told about that and enforced it anyway.

He said they were taught that challengers had to wear a mask and stay six feet away. The trainer noted that challengers could come behind a table to observe the counting, but if there was not six feet behind the table, the challenger would be prevented from doing so.

De Angeli said the trainer acknowledged challengers would then not be able to see the work being done “unless they have really good vision or brought their binoculars.”

If an observer got “really mad,” the workers were taught to call 911.

De Angeli was one of several individuals who testified before the Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday.

President Trump shared on Twitter one example:

Kristina Karamo said she was a poll challenger at the TCF Center and her job was to flag potentially illegal or improper votes.

She told the committee that one ballot had straight-party votes for both the Republicans and Democrats. According to state law, that ballot should be disqualified. Instead, she testified, poll workers awarded the vote to Democrat Joe Biden.

Karamo claimed it happened again when a voter cast a ballot for both the Democrat and the Green Party candidates.

“We saw a lot of irregular things,” she told the committee on Tuesday.

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